Anime Club

Anime and Club's purpose is to create to enjoy what members like in the Anime world so members can connect in friendship to each other as Anime and Manga enthusiasts. To encourage enthusiasts of Anime and Magna to join a friendly group setting to express their interests. Advisor: Dr. Julie Perino,

Bishop Films & Photography Club

Bishop Films is a social organization that is founded on the principles of freedom of speech, creative expression and productive collaboration. It is through these principles that we make our mark on the video industry. Advisor: Jason Buel 

Black Student Association

The purpose of the Black Student Association is to provide support, community and cultural engagement to minorities on campus. Advisor: Atayh Spells,

Criminal Justice Club

The purpose of the North Carolina Wesleyan College Criminal Justice Club is to educate students regarding the various components of the growing criminal justice field: law enforcement, courts and corrections. Advisor: Richard Ausbrook,

Health & Movement Club

The purpose of the Exercise Science Club is to provide students of Exercise Science an opportunity to establish a connection between N.C.W.C and the community of Rocky Mount through fitness & wellness events. This will be achieved by promoting social, academic, and professional relationships both on and off-campus. Advisor: Dr. Daniel Henderson,

Gen UN Wes

The purpose of Gen U.N. Wes is to expand awareness of U.N. priorities to the Wesleyan body and raise enthusiasm among students for the United Nations. Gen U.N. Wesleyan also coordinates with other Gen U.N. chapters across the United States. Advisor: Dr. Young Hun Kim,  

Impact Wesleyan Business Society

The Wesleyan Business Society or “Impact” is a society for business school majors and minors that promotes practical education and application of business concepts through a business-style application process. The society incorporates: guest speakers from the field of business, group discussions, networking and collaboration meetings, and projects designed to improve and prepare the individual for the business field. This is a high engagement and commitment society with immense personal advancement potential. In short, this society is designed to emulate business fundamentals that reflect real world experience. Advisor: Esther Burgess,

International Bishop Association

The International Bishop Association seeks to promote cultural awareness, provide opportunities for students to participate in activities of cultural and international interest, and to provide advocacy and support for the NCWC International Community. Advisor: Brent Dozier,

National Society of Leadership & Success

The NSLS is the nation’s largest leadership honor society. Students are selected by their college for membership based on either academic standing or leadership potential. Candidacy is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction. Advisor: Jessie Langley,

Politics Club

The purpose of the Politics Club is to promote political awareness, education, and involvement throughout the school. Advisor: Jarrod Kelly 

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is open to people that major in Psychology and/or have an interest in the field. We follow a constitution that was created by members and executive board. Members have taken the responsibility of running the club and its successful events. Advisor: Dr. Fred Sanborn,

Army R.O.T.C

The purposes of the ROTC Club is to help improve the overall quality of the Army ROTC program at NCWC, enhance the professional and academic development of the cadets, as well as provide services to its membership and to the College. Advisor: James Mercer,


 S.A.G.A Seeks to educate and acknowledge all groups and spectrum of specific sexuality and genders, allowing for better understanding and communication amongst LGBTQ people and allies to form a tolerating and accepting community on this campus. Advisor: Kyle Smith 

Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society

International English Honor Society for four year college students that focuses on literacy and education. Advisor: Dr. Lee Templeton,

The Science Club

The purpose of the Science Club is encourage students to pursue careers in science-related fields and to keep the college and community informed on health related issues, as well as participate in community service. Advisor: Dr. John Temple

Student Athlete Advisory Committee

The mission statement of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee at North Carolina Wesleyan College is to improve the experience of student athletes on campus and in our conference and to help the community that we live in. Advisor: Mier Lewin 

Student Veterans Association

The purpose of the Student Veterans Association is to provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation. Advisor: Laura Estes, 

The "B" Club (Conservation Group)

The B Club’s purpose is to bring biodiversity to Wesleyan through the promotion of ideas that will bring new animals and plants to campus. We are here to maintain the bee hive that will placed on campus along with maintaining future bird houses, bird baths, and plants that will be brought to campus for the attraction of bats, birds, and butterflies. We are also acting as advocates for sustainability and environmental protection and conservation. We also educate the campus and community on conservation, preservation, and biodiversity. Advisor: Ayra Sundbom,

WesCIS (Computer Science Club)

The computer science club is an extracurricular study based group for anyone who is interested in computer technology or information systems to help improve ourselves, our communities and, our knowledge of computers. Advisor: Sherry Holland,