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Welcome to the Psychology Club.

The Psychology club is open to people that major in psychology and/or have an interest in the field.
We follow a  constitution that was created by the members and executive board. We have our Board Members that have taken the responsibility of running the club, and planning its successful events.
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Trip to Cherry Hospital, 2019

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Psychology Undergraduate Conference, 2018

May be an image of 6 people

End-of-year Dinner, 2017

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Undergraduate Conference, 2017

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Undergraduate Conference, 2016

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Mexican lunch, 2016

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Undergraduate Conference, 2015


Campus Cleanup, 2014

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2013-2014 Events

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Walk for Hope, 2013

Hawaiian Party

The Psychology Club hosted its first dance on April 3, 2009. The theme was a Hawaiian Party and was located at the Hartness Center.
Above is a photo of the Claudricia, Cainaen, Eric, and Chy

Trip to Central Regional Hospital, 2013

Walk for Hope, 2013

Water Balloon Fight '09

The aftermath of the fight

Cool Links to Check Out!

A comprehensive list of topics that you can click on and receive TONS of info about. This site provides links to other websites and includes a glossary of psychology terms.
Want to know what your dream means? Click this link to find out!
 Fun quizzes, tips, and recent press releases about psychology.
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